Yvan Arpa stands as one of the most avant–garde watch creators alive. After having made a significant contribution to some of the biggest success stories in the watch industry, in 2010 he launched his own independant brand: ArtyA. The uncategorisable and trendsetting collections can be divided in six different families : Son of a Gun, Son of Sound, Son of Earth, Son of Arts, Son of Gears, Son of Love. They allow Yvan Arpa to have an open, living playground, in which he can create many variations every year, using some very innovative concepts and unconventional raw materials – such as butterfly wings (under the control of the authorities), stones, real bullets, real (shredded) euros, non-circular mechanical gears, cases struck by real lightning, to name but a few. All the hand-made dials are made by artist Dominique Arpa-Cirpka, applying numerous techniques – most of which have never before been used in this industry. ArtyA has its own watch manufacture, in the city centre of Geneva. From a mechanical standpoint, ArtyA masters every aspect of the historical knowhow of this age-old industry, from three-hands models to perpetual calendars and tourbillions, from minute repeaters to simpler skeletonized mechanical movements. ArtyA watches are all very limited in number, with many of them being unique pieces – and many of them being exhibited in some of the most prestigious Art museums of the world, such as the MOMA in New-York City.

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