The Loetscher company has been crafting cuckoo clocks since 1920 and we’re proud to say that we are the only genuine Swiss chalet cuckoo clock maker in existence today. All of the initial steps are done in the woodworking facility in Brienz which is only a twenty-minute drive from Interlaken. The reason we can say that a Loetscher clock is truly a piece of Switzerland is because a lot of material that goes into one—the stones, the sand, the linden wood—comes from this magnificent little town nestled in the Alps, a place we lovingly call Brienz. Once the construction of the chalets is completed, they are sent to our facility in Kreuzlingen at the Lake of Constance. Here the chalets are fitted with clockworks, cuckoo pipes, weights and pendulums. This is a very delicate procedure that requires the expertise of a master clock maker. For a period of several weeks the clocks are closely monitored to make certain they operate flawlessly. Once a clock passes this test, it is ready to be called a Loetscher Cuckoo Clock.

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