In 1865 when Reuge started its activity in the Swiss Mountains, nobody would have expected today’s success. But from the very first artisan to today’s specialists, we all have one thought in common. We create wonderful items bringing a moment of true piece and relaxation to the people. Regardless of the size and the melody of our music boxes. They all touch your heart, they all create wonderful emotions, and they all create a relaxing, soothing moment in our life. Done by hand, one by one, this Swiss national treasure combines the humanistic connotation and the craftsman skills. The result being remarkable pieces of Art. Pieces of Art which will remain with us for generations. A solid pillar in a fast pacing world. The ingredients for such perfection are itself rare in the world – the cradle of the music box in this world is in Sainte Croix – a village of less than 5000 inhabitants – almost each single family here has a close relation with Reuge, with the Art of Mechanical music. There is no official diploma, there is no official classes to become an artisan of the music box – there is only the secret transfer of knowledge from one generation to the next one. While each of the artisans need to have very specific skills, they must in particular be able to transfer the emotion of love into each handcrafted piece of Art.

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